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For those interested in investing outside of California, we can connect you with a real estate agent who specializes in the area you are interested in and knows how to work with out-of-town clients.

If you’re an investor looking into markets beyond your own backyard, we understand your difficulties. You can’t just pop over and look at a house when “popping over” means hours in the car or a long-distance flight that will waste your precious time and money.

You need a common sense agent to go the extra mile when you can’t, one who will not only offer a broker price opinion but will actually drive to the house to send you photos and videos. You need an agent who understands the local market, including the rental market, an agent with a big database of buyers, renters, contractors and property managers ready, willing and able to take your property to the next level. That is a true investor-friendly agent and the only type of real estate agent Out of State Agent will connect you with. Fill out our online form to get connected right away.

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If you’d like to learn more about how to make your money work for you through passive cash flow and real estate investing in a market you can actually afford, let’s talk. We can walk you through the process, tell you more about the target cities and send you sample properties so you can become the real estate investor you’ve always dreamed of being and start planning for the retirement you’ve always wanted.

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