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A Peachy Home


Represented Buyer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Highly likely to recommend

We recently purchased a $795K home with Milla Goldenberg as our agent. She was absolutely amazing to work with. A few of the things that truly stood out was her knowledge of the process. This was very helpful as we were first time home buyers and very anxious on what the next steps were. She alleviated as much of our stress as humanly possible. The other item that stood out was her responsiveness. I would call or text her with a question and she literally would respond in minutes and sometimes seconds. Once again this helped subside quite a bit of stress on our part. I would recommend Milla Goldenberg to anyone looking to purchase a home. She gets 5+ Stars from me.

– Zillow review left by buyer on 01/06/2020

Milla represented the buyer for this property | The buyer won the house over 1 other offer | Negotiated $2400 in repair costs after inspections

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Highly likely to recommend

Gather round while I tell you all a horror/psychological thriller, aka, the story of selling my house! The heroine of my story is Milla H. Goldenberg (the H is for Heroine), and she earned the title in SPADES. The beginning – I wanted to sell my house, which I though meant listing the house, putting out a cheese tray, inviting in strangers, and letting nature take its course, but alas, no. Milla held my hand and patted my head while gently coaxing me into the spending of monies to make said house more attractive. I only cried a little. And then, lo, a miracle! A pre-market offer 25k over asking! Hands were wrung, champagne was drunk, good cheer all around! But of course, there were complications (I did warn you, this is a psychological thriller). The inspection revealed the house was Not Perfect (GASP) and the buyer dropped offer by 30k. I had a fainting spell. Milla procured her best metaphorical smelling salts, assured me their counter was ridiculous, and politely told them No Dice. We were off to market, and the offers POURED forth! We settled on a lovely couple, who seemed promising until it turned out they wanted to build in the back yard and actually thought that would be cheaper than just buying a bigger house (hot tip – it’s not). Another cancelled sale. Before I even had time to faint again, Milla moved on to our back up offer and had the ball smoothly rolling. Third time proved to be the charm, and though there was lots of back in forth on how much we’d be willing to pay in repairs, Milla fought for every cent and kept us both informed and calm. Well, calmer. She worked her butt off to secure that sale for us, and after a closing that took an extra week, even got us a per diem for every day the buyers lagged. My first recommendation is to never sell a house in LA if you have anxiety, but if you must, use Milla to do it. There’s really no other way.

– Zillow review left by seller on 09/26/2019

Milla represented the seller for this property | Seller sold their house for $30,000 over list price | Saved sellers $12,500 in repairs after inspections

Little Sinclair


Represented SELLER

A Lovely Altadena Home


Represented Buyer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Highly likely to recommend

I don’t know where to even begin. Milla is a ROCKSTAR! We were looking for a great starter home with a challenging budget for the LA home market. But, Milla dug in and after a few heartbreaking bidding wars we found exactly what we needed. A lovely house on a great piece of property in Altadena. However, we hadn’t yet jumped our last hurdle. Through a winding road of bank errors, complicated timelines, and nervous sellers, Milla put her shoulder down and pushed the deal through. We love the house and the neighborhood. And we definitely love Milla.

– Zillow review left by buyer on 07/14/2019

Milla represented the buyer for this property | The buyer won the house over 5 other offers | Negotiated $2200 for repairs after inspections

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