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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Highly likely to recommend

Recently we were considering moving to a larger home because of a new addition to our family, and initially met with Milla through a family referral. She came highly recommended, which was good because we wanted to work with someone who could move quickly if needed and would do a thorough job from start to finish. We were on the fence because of rising interest rates, but felt we should at least hear her out. We were not disappointed. Milla brought comps and pricing information for our first meeting and an honest take on what our journey might look like in such a dynamic real estate market. We took a few days to make a decision, but as soon as we were set she was ready with tips to sell our current home, a professional photographer who also did a video and 360 walkthrough, and great insights on the new homes we were considering for our new space.

We were able to sell our house in one weekend (!) and Milla coordinated a longer close so we would have time to secure our new house. She always walked us through the many, many different types of paperwork we had to sign so we knew what we were agreeing to and where we might need to push back. We definitely learned more in this sale than with previous houses and leaned on Milla for her extensive knowledge of the process since this was our first experience with a house that was not a new construction.

Overall, I can confidently say that Milla was an excellent partner and a skillful guide throughout the whole process. She easily and efficiently guided us through two successful home transactions (selling our old place and buying a new one) and answered all of our questions along the way. If you’re looking for someone to work with, we highly recommend her.

  • Under contract after one weekend of open houses
  • Got a contingent offer accepted in a very competitive market (an offer contingent on the buyer selling their existing home)
  • Arranged a concurrent closing so both properties sold just days apart
  • Helped clients use funds from their home sale as their down payment for their purchase
  • On second sale, credited clients $2500 toward their closing costs as part of House Hunter L.A.’s two-deal special for clients who work with us twice

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Highly likely to recommend

I cannot say enough about the incredible Milla Goldenberg, real estate broker extraordinaire – smart, kind, intuitive, strategic, incredibly focused. This is the second time we have worked with Milla. She helped our kids buy a home. I was so impressed that when my mom passed away, and we had to sell her house, there was no question but that I would turn to Milla again. She was amazing throughout – always present and available, sensitive to our emotions, calmly navigating unavoidable bumps along the way – all to get the best agreement and maximum price. If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell, she’s your perfect person!!

  • Sold for almost 20% over list price
  • Received 8 offers after two weekends of open houses
  • Helped sellers prepare the house for market by connecting them with vendors, including handyman, painter, floor refinisher and stager
  • Negotiated for buyers to accept the house AS IS without asking sellers for credits, repairs or price reductions following inspections

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Highly likely to recommend

We recently purchased a $795k home with Milla Goldenberg as our agent. She was absolutely amazing to work with. A few of the things that truly stood out was her knowledge of the process. This was very helpful as we were first time home buyers and very anxious on what the next steps were. She alleviated as much of our stress as humanly possible. The other item that stood out was her responsiveness. I would call or text her with a question and she literally would respond in minutes and sometimes seconds. Once again this helped subside quite a bit of stress on our part. I would recommend Milla Goldenberg to anyone looking to purchase a home. She gets 5+ Stars from me.

  • The buyer won the house over 1 other offer
  • Negotiated $2400 in repair costs after inspections

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Highly likely to recommend

We were so fortunate to have Milla as our realtor. Not only did she help walk us through the competitive L.A. housing marketing landscape with a wealth of knowledge and patience, she was reliable, responsive and went above and beyond in everything she did. I loved her positive attitude and especially appreciated how thoughtful and well-researched she is. We highly valued her opinion and experience, and are in love with our new home. I would highly recommend Milla to anyone looking for a realtor!

  • Arranged inspections that included a roofer and foundation specialist
  • Helped buyers prepare the accessory unit for short-term occupancy following closing with recommendations and lease drafts

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Highly likely to recommend

Milla is a gem and I feel so lucky and grateful to have gone through this exciting time in my adult life with her by my side. She is patient (answered my million questions), diligent, organized, and ALWAYS ON TOP of it all. Several folks told me this would be the most stressful experience and to brace myself but after a 60-day escrow, I can tell you I did not ever feel stressed and it’s all because I had Milla behind the scenes ensuring that the loans (which apparently were complicated) and all parties were moving along. I recommend Milla to anyone and everyone and know you will have a great friend through it all.

  • Negotiated $200,000 off the list price and for seller to make several repairs to property following inspections
  • Arranged a 60-day escrow period that included a cash-out refinance and concurrent purchase
  • Helped clients lease out their previous property after they moved into their new home

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Highly likely to recommend

Milla is AWESOME. She works extra hard to get your dream home. She did for us! Not only were we first time home-buyers, but also we did the house hunting during the pandemic, in the middle of the craziest seller’s housing market. Milla is knowledgeable and she understands what her clients want, even if that may not be so obvious to the clients themselves. She is gentle with her clients she is not one of those aggressive pushy agents), but she is tactful and can be aggressive to get the house for her clients. We were probably one of the most difficult clients (going back and forth in terms of locations, taking too long and thinking too hard before making decisions, etc.) but Milla patiently guided us through this process, always bringing positive energy. She never gave up on us and assured us that we would get the house that’s meant for us (and we really did). She kept faith in us and in the process. Milla walked this journey with us, even though we lost multiple bidding wars. When we finally walked into THE ONE, Milla did the miracle, including writing a heartfelt message to the seller and her agent about us, and even though we were not the highest bidder, we got the house we wanted. Even after the escrow closed, Milla continued to support us with the process, always answering our questions quickly and thoroughly. We enjoyed her company so much and now that we got the house, it feels weird not to see her every weekend! We highly recommend Milla!!

  • Buyer won the house over 8 other offers and was not the highest in price
  • Negotiated for the seller to leave furniture and other personal property at no cost to buyers

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